Setting The Focus

Landon Hodges couldn’t finish her calculus test because someone in front of her was tapping their pencil. Ever tried to count to one hundred as someone else yelled out a different set of numbers? Hodges knew the method, something was just interfering with her way of getting there. In elementary school, Hodges excelled in her classes. She loved to read. She was excited to learn. She always participated. She was

222 Ways To Get Crafty

Just past the shadows of downtown Des Moines’ bustling Court Avenue is a discrete yet equally crowded restaurant called El Bait Shop. The sound of the train horns blowing and the sight of construction all around indicate that the hidden gem is close by. “You gotta want to be here to find it,” manager Tim Wilcoxson says. The walls are as full as the leather cushioned diner-style seats often are.

The One Mann Show

To entrepreneur and visionary Zachary Mannheimer, life is a theater production. The curtains opened on his life’s production when he began running a theater company in New York. However, after 8 years of doing this and working extra hours at restaurants, he realized it was likely time to move on to the next act. Mannheimer wanted to see returns on investments that could do more than just pay the bills.

How To Brew Coffee with a French Press

Whether it’s in the way they dress, the way they kiss or the way they brew coffee, the French just have a way of doing things that is both effortless and glamorous. If you’re tired of K-cup coffee and you’re ready for coffee that is a bit more pretentious and lot more tasty, this way to brew is prefect for you. All you need: · Hot water · Coarsely ground